Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Time to Add a Post

I'm really not sure how long I have had this blog, but I figured it's about time I added a post. I have been so busy lately. I have just moved from O'fallon, MO to Pittsfield, IL. My husband is the minister of Detroit Christian Church and we have just now begun our ministry here. I can say with a thankful heart that the move here has gone quite smoothly. We have two teenage daughters, one in ninth grade and one in sixth grade, and for us to move them during the final quarter of a school year could have caused great drama. Luckily, however, our new neighbors have daughters around the same age as our own, and that has made the move less tramatizing for them.
One of the things we promised our daughters when we found out we were moving was we would get them a dog. And since I am on my laptop with no pictures of may family on it Iwill post a picture of our new dog.
This is Millie. She is a 12 week Shepherd/Lab mixed breed. She is very lovable, and very ornery. This is Millie up on our couch, after being told many times to get down. She also loves to chew on stuffed animals that are not hers, especially my bears. I collect teddy bears, so there are a lot of bears for her to choose from. Although in this picture Millie is chewing on my oldest daughter's stuffed pig.